Chalaw - Passiwali


Coming From The Pangcah (Amis) Tribe.


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Chalaw. Passiwali   查勞•巴西瓦里

Chalaw is a young Pangcah man passionate about music. Growing up near Hualien on Taiwan's east coast, he started playing the guitar at the age of 6, drums at the age of 11, and was working as a sound engineer by the age of 20 in taipei city. A love of music has always been a constant motivating force for Chalaw, but at the same time he has never forgotten that the blood of the
Pangcah flows through his veins, and he retains a sense of duty as a Pangcah aboriginal. So, at age 36, determined to find a way to combine these two important influences in his life, Chalaw quit his
job, and returned to his hometown of Ganshujiao in Hualien County to make music true to his life experiences. He picked up his guitar and composed songs based in part on a deep feeling for nature
and the world around him. At the same time, he also examined the challenges in his own life and the tensions that exist between younger generations of Pangcah people and the traditional way of
life of the Pangcah. Chalaw is not just a singer-songwriter – he is also a documentarian of sorts, using music to record and preserve the disappearing memories of his people.

Passwali, which means 'rising in the east' in the Pangcah language, marks Chalaw's creative debut. Here are the clean sounds of the acoustic guitar, driving percussion and moving vocal harmonies,
which together evoke the mysterious beauty of the ocean off the coast of Hualien. Here too is the simple, joyful, intimate atmosphere of the Pangcah tribal village. With this album, Chalaw fuses
traditional indigenous folk songs with Bossa Nova rhythms, traversing an emotional spectrum from intense, deep expression to light-hearted joy. The simple and alluring melodies of Passwali bring us to a wellspring of thoughts and meaning.




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