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Hing-Chun , Album of Taiwanese Talk Show Radio Ⅰ-Ⅱ-Ⅲ

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Music Type︰Radio CM of Talk Show

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Hing-Chun is a motorcycle repairman in Kao-hsuing, Taiwan. Despite completing only a Jr. High School education, in the mid-90's he created and underground radio show that delved deep into social, political, environmental, and minority issues of Taiwan. In a culture dominated by mainstream academic qualifications and Mandarin Chinese, Hung-Chun's radio talk show is a preservation and transmission of the rich and beautiful oral tradition of the Taiwanese language. All TCM's previous releases have been music albums; this album of spoken words is a special exception, chosen to present the perspective of the working class on Taiwanese society. It is a rich, fascinating, and unique expression of a point of view too often lost in the cacaphonous clamour of mainstream media. 




Born 1971 On Kaohsiung  

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Pirate radio hits the road

By David Frazier , Taipei Times

To promote one of its latest albums, TCM has arranged a small tour for Hingchun Hsi (恆春兮), the former pirate radio DJ that has now put out two successful CDs for the label, Hengchun Hsi got his start in 1995 and 1996 broadcasting a talk and news show at a pirate radio station in Kaohsiung. Back then, pirate radio was everywhere; only about half the radio stations in Taiwan were actually licensed. Amateurish, sure, but many of these broadcasts - and some are still around - exuded a gritty local character that really managed to speak to their listeners. So if Taiwan never had the blues, it did have pirate radio.To capture this energy, and also to refine it, TCM brought Hengchun Hsi up to its studios in Hsichih, where the two CDs were recorded in 2000 and 2001. They're mostly in Taiwanese, and news broadcasts on the recordings included events of those times, including the Sept. 11, 2001 World Trade Center bombings.

On tour, Hengchun Hsi has already made stops in Taipei and Tainan where he spent most of the time talking to his audience. But this weekend, he'll be joined by a bunch of old Kaohsiung pals with acoustic instruments, and they'll sing, talk and improvise about what they've done. There's sure to be healthy doses of both humor and down-home minstrelsy that mixes in Mandarin, Taiwanese and songs from everywhere. Due to the tour's good reception, an extra Taichung stop has been added for May 5. 

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