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Nanwan Sisters

Honey Voices

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Music Type︰Folk , Taiwan Aboriginal Traditional
Language︰Puyuma, Mandarin

Artists︰Nanwan Sisters
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This album won three awards at  " the Golden Melody Awards 2009 " (Taiwan's Grammy Awards)

The Best Aboriginal Album

The Best Sing The Group Awards

The Best POP Music Producer Awards


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Beautiful Dreaming


Romance of Two Rivers



Soul Sisters


A Song for my hometown


Mother's Wreath



Memory of the ancient





Soliloquy below sky






 Nanwang Sisters

Honey Voices

The Nanwan Sisters are a singing trio of close friends from Taitung. They grew up singing the songs of their native Puyuma heritage with another childhood friend, the award-winning singer-songwriter Pau-dull (陳建年), who conceived and produced this recording of both original and traditional folk songs.

The album is aptly titled — the Nanwan Sisters’ harmonies are sublime and indeed sound as sweet as honey. Here Pau-dull presents their voices with a sensitive ear while displaying his talent for songwriting and composing. He penned five of the album’s nine tracks in the Puyuma language and played nearly all of the backing instruments, which range from percussion and acoustic guitar to the piano and flute.

While the music is rooted in tradition and the concept is inspired from childhood memories, the album is far from a collection of old museum pieces. Pau-dull creates a fresh, contemporary sound with prudently chosen and tasteful arrangements. The acoustic guitar intro to the breathtaking and wistful Romance of Two Rivers (雙河戀) hints at Irish folk music, while double bass, mandolin and an accordion lend a Mediterranean feel to Soul Sisters (姐妹花). Yet the sisters’ voices always remain the centerpiece and the melodies have a timeless feel.

With its warmth and intimacy, this album is very much a family affair. Mother’s Wreath (媽媽的花環) features a chorus of voices of Puyuma singers from Pau-dull and the sisters’ extended musical family, including Jiajia (家家) and Leo Chen (陳永龍). The album ends with a celebratory medley of drinking and wedding tunes, which includes recorded excerpts of a village party where revelers laugh and clink their rice wine glasses.

Nanwan Sisters, Honey Voices also marks a refreshing and solid addition for TCM records, which continues to carve its niche as a label for indie-rock and Aboriginal artists who celebrate a musical spirit that might be described as uniquely Taiwanese. ......From Taipei Times


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